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Windows Replacement Scaffold Milton Keynes Central

The aim for the workers on this job was to replace the windows on the higher part of the building. This was not a problem for us as we could erect the scaffold and still allow people to use their driveways keeping the members of public inside happy while the work is being carried out.

The first lift standards were installed with stripy yellow and black tape to allow the public to clearly see out tubes and to reduce the possibility of public injury. We also place barriers around the driveways to clearly mark out where our tubes are for night time visibility.

The top most lift was fully boarded with two inside boards to allow to worker better ease of access the the area having work taken place. We also provided a netting to be attached to the top lift to reduce the posiblility of falling debris into a public area.

The work was able to be carried out quickly and efficiently due to our highly adaptive scaffold.


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