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Painting And Roof Repairs Scaffold Towcester

Here we erected a 5 lift tower with returns towards the upper levels of the scaffold so that the worker can proceed with some roof repairs and re-painting of the building. The working platforms on the front of the building have been supplied with two inside boards to allow the painter to reach all the hard to get areas without any problems.

We have also given boarded lifts at the top of the building to allow workers access around all of the roof so repairs can be carried out, the chimney has two boarded lifts at different heights to allow work to the chimney to be carried out efficiently and safely.

All working lifts are hand-railed and netted to provide safety to workers and members of the public. Lifts are double boarded and plastic to deter workers mess and debris from landing on the public footpath in front of the shop. We have also applied sleeving to standards as public safety is key. Ladders have been provided through lifts to allow workers to safely ascend or descend between the lifts, these have been fitted with ladder traps.


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